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High School Happenings
Community Service Project
Annual Thanksgiving Feast, 2017!
Salem trip to see "Cry Innocent"
Special Olympics Volunteering
Class of 2017
Spring Games!
Design & Construction Mini Course
Community Award Recipients & SOM
Project Runway Mini-Course
Drama Fest Mini-Course
Alexander the Great Trial
Service Project
Holiday Party!
Clark Performs!
Community Award Recipients
Ecology of Food
Chemistry of Cooking
Chemistry of Cooking
Honors Art Mural Contribution to National Adoption Day
Creating posters for Special Olympics
First Day of School
Community Award Recipients
Art Class
Holiday Toy Drive!
Thanksgiving Feast!
Halloween Party
HS Giant Mushroom Discovery
Pumpkin Chunkin
Framingham State Representative
Mount Ida Representative
First HS Community Meal of the Year!
The Convincer
Special Olympics Volunteers!
Bake Sale